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Till We Meet Again

Till We Meet Again, published in 2012, starts off with a Stolen Kiss. The protagonist is Nishi, a girl who likes to keep to herself. She falls in love with Kunal, a cynical and strong minded man.

The Committed Sin

Carry the bowl of love and pour a drop of the venom of distrust. Does it survive? Best friends forever, really? Put her in a cobweb of mysteries and see if she bleeds with a smile.

Mom and I Love a Terrorist

Kelly is a nineteen year old girl who lives with her single mom on the Island of Andaman. Her life suddenly turns upside down with the arrival of a black stranger.

The Girl Who Kissed the Snake

Can an eight-week old foetus become revengeful, arrogant and prudent? Never heard of it right? But, hold on and see what the protagonist Kira has to say. She's seen devastating daysHer Dad Vimal had left her Mom Alia eleven years ago

You Touched My Heart

An author, longing for love, runs away from her home and doting parents. Her escapade ends on the queen of hills—Mussoorie.
She bumps into a frisky yet endearing guy.

About Author

Country's youngest Bi-lingual Poet/Novelist/Columnist/Motivational speaker Leema Dhar(born 22nd Dec.1993, Allahabad), attained her masters' degree in English Literature from the Central University of Allahabad (Session: 2015-2016), left her AIEEE (2011) for her creative passion.
She has written seven books, including five novels in the arena of modern English literature (three national best sellers) and two anthologies of poetry in Hindi & English respectively.Read More

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